Local Bookstore Options Broader Than Imagined

Krista Johnson

Krista Johnson

Do you need a novel now that you’ve finally found time to read? Here are six places in Brookings you can visit to buy your next book. I chose the top two.

Hy-Vee organizes its book section by bestsellers (arranged by number), romance, fiction and new release novels. Christian/Inspirational books can be found on a bookstand at the aisle’s center. Hy-Vee offers customers magazines, special occasion cards, candles and coloring books along the same aisle. Shopping for a novel in Hy-Vee is meant for convenience while shopping; the prices range between $4-$7.

Wal-Mart’s designated book area is similar to Hy-Vee’s book area topically, though Wal-Mart carries a larger selection of books. Searching for books is easy and private for the customer. The prices of novels range from $3-$6. Wal-Mart’s book area serves as a convenience stop for readers; the selection is limited.

The University Bookstore offers students study aids to prepare the MCAT (can be costly, but worth it) or to catch up on assigned reading with Cliff’s Notes (with little expense to the student). Cookbooks are available to students learning to prepare meals quickly and easily; the cost is around $20. The University Bookstore provides friendly service along with a variety of reading material and SDSU accessories (oh yes, and textbooks).

Brost’s Aquarium and Hobby offers customers a distinctive book selection-mostly science fiction. The books are organized by hard cover, paperback, books that have been made into movies (Star Wars), short stories and a section for a variety of books. The prices range from $5-$35. The store carries video and computer game magazines and also popular card games such as Magic. The store has a unique atmosphere (fish aquariums and supplies) and friendly service.

#2: Brookings Book Company provides readers with a large selection of used books organized in a variety of topics, some having a separate room! The prices are low and range from book to book. Comics and records can be purchased, as well as Jackrabbit yearbooks from SDSU’s earlier years. Brookings Book Company provides a warm, homey atmosphere and companionship from the store’s friendly feline.

#1: Cover to Cover’s book selection is the best in Brookings. The walls are covered with books arranged in alphabetical order and organized by topic; Literature, Fantasy and Pets are a few topics provided. Children’s books line the back wall; a play area is available for children to explore while reading. The selection of magazines spans almost an entire wall. Though the staff did not greet every customer entering the store, they remained helpful.