SDSU students dance the night away

Lynn Klavetter

Lynn Klavetter

Students filed into limousines this past Friday night on their way to the annual Winter Formal held at the Old Sanctuary.

Once there, they conversed with each other, ate a three course meal, and then had hours to dance the night away.

Candle-lit tables and gossamer streaming down along the ceiling set the tone for the evening.

“When I came in, I was thinking how different it was in comparison to how I had seen it before. They dressed it up very nicely,” sophomore Jessie Gleckler said.

The Winter Formal was sponsored by the University Program Council and the Residence Hall Association.

The $13 tickets included the option of a limo ride to the formal.

“The limo ride was fun. I especially enjoyed the chauffeur and how chivalrous he was by helping us in and out of the limo,” Gleckler said.

In addition, tickets offered three different options for the dinner. The choices ranged from manicotti to chicken stuffed with spinach and mushrooms to pork loins.

“They (the servers) were good at getting everyone served all at about the same time. It was a nice salad, dinner and dessert,” senior Justin Olson said.

Guests appreciated the food and the service.

“The food was good, the pie especially. The service was pretty awesome too,” sophomore Andrew Tischler said.

The dance lasted about four hours and included a video screen, lighting affects, bubbles, a dry ice machine, and a variety of music: pop, rock, country, rap and a touch of almost everything else.

“The music was good for dancing,” Tischler said.

Prior to the formal, Olson had wondered if the Old Sanctuary would provide enough space for the event.

“The dance floor was crowded, but it worked well. It wasn’t so crowded that it was unenjoyable. The bubble maker and the fog machine all helped to enhance the dance atmosphere,” Olson said.

Olson’s fiancee junior Andrea Kleinsasser agreed.

“After it (the crowd) started clearing out a little, it was really fun, even though we had to turn down the music for the neighbors. The video screen helped make the dance complete,” Kleinsasser said.

Some students went as part of a group of friends.

“I went with a big group of friends. We all went out to dance and that was a lot of fun. My friend Megan and I ripped up the dance floor,” Tischler said.

Olson encourages anyone who wants to go, not to miss out.

“You don’t have to have a date to go and have a good time,” Olson said.

For those who took a limo to the formal, van rides provided a way back to campus.

“The van service wasn’t the same as riding in a limo, but our driver was friendly and even helped us out of the van,” Gleckler said.

Like Tischler, many people already had a suit or dress they wanted to wear, but others headed to the stores to find something new.

“Some of my friends really got into it and went looking all over,” Tischler said.

Kleinsasser and a friend of hers spent time shopping for dresses.

“We went to Deb’s in Sioux Falls. We were shopping for sales and they had dresses from fifteen dollars and up,” Kleinsasser said.

The approximate 270 attendees created a social environment for the night.

“It was a good place to meet new people,” Tischler said.

The Food Science, Dietetics, and Hospitality Club served the dinner. According to Senior Jackie Larson, who served food and washed dishes, the club was earning money for a Spring trip in April to Minneapolis.

“The formal looked like fun. I wish I could have gone,” Larson said.