Yanks Buy, Sox Cry

Doug Kopecky

Doug Kopecky

The New York Yankees may not have clinched the World Series this past week with the trade for Alex Rodriguez, but they have pretty much sewn up a playoff appearance. The best part for the Pinstripes is the fact that they stole A-Rod from the rival Boston Red Sox.

The Sox were close to acquiring Rodriguez from the Texas Rangers in December, but backed out of the deal because of the cash needed to close the deal. The Red Sox have egg on their face again for letting the best player in baseball slip through their fingers because of money.

I hope everyone reading this realizes the Red Sox made the bonehead play of the century by trading the great Babe Ruth to the Yankees because they were short on money. – now, once again they screwed up.

Now the Red Sox, with just about everybody else in America, are complaining about how much the Yankees spend.I say to all of you who are complaining, “Shut up.”

If you were Yankees fans instead of sorry Twins or Royals fans, you would be loving this.Maybe if you guys had an owner willing to spend money, you could compete with the likes of the Yankees.

The Red Sox should be slapped in the face for complaining about that spending is out of control, when they have the second highest payroll in the league.

Whatever happened to the old saying, you have to spend money to make money? Some of these owners in the Major Leagues are the richest men in the country, but they would rather hold on to their money then put a competitive team out there.

To the people that are crying for a salary cap, I say NO. What we really need is a salary floor. Make these owners spend the money they are making.

What these owners don’t want to tell you, is that they make money when the Yankees overspend. For every dollar the Yankees spend over the luxury tax, they put another dollar into a pool that is distributed to the smaller market teams like the Twins and the Royals.

Do you think these owners are putting this money back into their ball clubs, or into their pockets?

I think we all know the answer.