Keep Woodbine livable

George Nelson

George Nelson

I read the article about President Miller wanting to replace windows in Woodbine Cottage as opposed to repairing them quoting the price of $170,000 to repair them, and $100,000 to replace them. It seems to me that it would be less expensive to replace them.

President Miller lives in the building, and therefore should know what the problem is and what she needs to have done in order to make it livable and comfortable.

If the University is providing housing for their presidents then it should be livable and comfortable for them.

I don’t know much about this historic preservation society that wants to keep things (Woodbine cottage) the way it originally was, but I think this is being overdone. It’s just a house, big deal.

If they want to preserve it, then why not close it up and use it as a museum, andbuild a new house for the president and for any future presidents that may work at SDSU?

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