Drawing to show animals in Little I to be held next week

Heather Mangan

Heather Mangan

SDSU’s Little International will be holding a drawing Wed., Feb. 18 for the right to show an animal at the Little I’s show in March.

Students are invited to attend Little I’s showmanship drawing at 8 p.m. in Animal Science 126 & 127. Students will draw for the right to show sheep, beef, swine, dairy or horse.

After students choose the species they are going to show, they will go to the species department to draw for the specific animal they are going to show.

They then have a certain amount of time to work with the animal before the show.

All college students are welcome to show animals, but they must be at the drawing to sign up for the right to show an animal said senior Animal Science major Clint Gehrke, president of Little I.

He also said there are plenty of animals to go around for students to show.

“We usually don’t run out of animals,” he said.

Students must pay a $15 deposit when they draw for a species, but they will get the money back once the show is over.

The Little I show will be March 19 and 20 in the Animal Science Arena.

Students compete in two divisions; novice is for beginners and normal is for everyone else. Students will be judged on how well they have prepared their animal and how well they connect with their animal. An award will be given for the underclassman with the most points and an upperclassman with the most points.

For information students can send an e-mail to [email protected] or log onto http://ars.sdstate.edu/ LittleI/index.htm.