Apparel merchandising: destination New York

Nancy Preteau

Nancy Preteau

Most people have had the dream of visiting New York City; a group of South Dakota State University students are lucky enough to do so.

The voyaging group will consist of Apparel Merchandising students and professors, including Professor Nancy Lyons.

Nancy Lyons sees these trips as very educational for the students.

“Often times, graduates want to move away from South Dakota into bigger cities where job opportunities will be greater,” Lyons said. “These trips to other cities such as those taken to Dallas, Chicago, London, Paris and New York City give the students a feel for the big city life as well as job perspectives.”

While on their May trip in New York, the students will not only visit shops such as Gucci and Prada but also listen to presentations and guest speakers.

Presentations will be given by those in the fashion field and will deal with all aspects, including manufacturing, design and advertising.

It is also hoped that there with be a meeting with SDSU Apparel Merchandising alumni while in the New York City area. This will give students the chance to talk with those already in the field from their home area and also to connect with others in the world of fashion.

In preparation for the trip, those partaking are enrolled in a class at SDSU. The class meets approximately 5 times in the year. During the class, the students are required to research parts of New York City and the fashion business, including shops on 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue.