Incubus not just for those crazy teens

Jen Creed

Jen Creed

When Incubus hit mainstream rock, I dug em’. Recent albums like Make Yourself and S.C.I.E.N.C.E proved that incubus is a talented band, capable of outshining their competition.

Yet, like many bands, they were due to be knocked off their pedestal. Lead singer Brandon Boyd’s sexy stage presence caught the eyes of many teenage girls, gaining them new fans. Incubus lost my interest with the release of Morning View. Maybe I’m a drama queen when it comes to music but being associated with a sex appeal, the new fan base is embarrassing and construes terrible music taste.

Although, Morning View sold albums based on Boyd’s half-naked body, all bands do it. It can be difficult for musicians to showcase their music yet at the same time satisfy record label officials who want huge return on their investment.

Artists aren’t perfect; it is unfair to hold them to unbreakable standards. They should be entitled to have a flop now-and-then and still bounce back. Incubus bounced back.

Incubus’s newest singled, “Megalomaniac,” “sealed the deal. I could hardly wait for A Crow Left of the Murder to be released. This single along with “Sick Sad Little World” and “Priceless” remind me of those found on S.C.I.E.N.C.E, while songs like “Southern Girl” and “Made for TV Movie” take me back to Morning View.

Incubus has the tendency to mix up the mood on tracks.

Sometimes it’s upbeat with angry lyrics complimented by Boyd’s rusty voice and then all of a sudden shoots straight down with soft lyrics straight out of a diary. This roller-coaster pattern continues on A Crow Left of the Murder. Don’t offend the band. Buy this album.

5 stars (out of 5)