Paper a tabloid rag

Jacob Thompson

Jacob Thompson

I have been a reader for four years. I have seen the paper degenerate from a respected journal of student opinion to that of a small, little-respected part of campus.

Many people on campus have felt that over the past few years the Collegian has become way too politicized and too partisan.

I have seen the Collegian turn from a respected paper from the point of view of the students to a joke not respected by the greenest of freshman.

I do not even know journalism majors that wish to tarnish their reputation by being associated with this now tabloid rag.

I hope whomever replaces your editor turns this pile of junk into a reputable source of information again, instead of following their recent predecessors down the path of literary, editorial oblivion and junk.

Shun your past few managing editors, for they have only managed top destroy a decent paper.

Pity those who read for a decent campus paper. The Collegian has abandoned those of any kind of moral background to represent those of a small percentage, the sexually uninhibited.

Most students find this form of journalistic carelessness disgusting and immature.

Please be more considerate of the student body as a whole, not just a small segment you believe you are representing through your own ignorance.

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