Sex is part of society

Heath Isaacson

Heath Isaacson

Two people wrote about the “Bl**j*b” (sic) article last week in Letters to the Editor about how they were appalled that the Collegian would print an article like that. I say, “Good Job Collegian.”

Do these people think that oral sex doesn’t happen at SDSU? I mean, sex is a part of society and should be as openly written about as sports or religion.

If there are people out there that don’t like sports, I don’t see them writing letters to the editor about how sports are bringing down civilization.

Also, if you see the word “Bl**j*b”(sic) in the title of an article: DON’T READ IT.

It’s that simple, the Collegian has freedom of press, which allows them to print what they want, and we as readers have the choice to read what we want.

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