Get facts straight on mag

Miranda Malo

Miranda Malo

My name is Miranda Malo and my ultimate career goal is to work for Successful Farming. I was offended by the ignorant jabs taken at the magazine in the latest “Pulse.” (Since there is no Successful Farmer magazine. I assume you meant Successful Farming.)

A majority of the students at this university come from these nonexistent successful farms that you speak of. Obviously there are successful farmers, otherwise you wouldn’t be eating, wearing leather coats or putting on the make-up that the highly-rated YM magazine tells you how to apply.

These are among the millions of agricultural products you encounter each day.

The Ag/Bio College is preparing many students for careers in agriculture, and with a 97 percent job placement rate, I doubt many of us will be working strictly in tire sales. There are many of us attending school hoping to someday return to or own a successful farm, and when we do we will look to Successful Farming to learn about new technology, keep up on the latest production practices and read about many of our colleagues that are making their family farm operation work. (The magazine features one family farm each month.)

If you are ever interested in getting the facts straight about agriculture, you may want to pick up an issue of Successful Farming and take some pointers from them.

Miranda MaloAgriculture Journalism major Brookings