Educational Vacationing

Carrie Feistner

Carrie Feistner

While the average student has plans this summer of working and taking a break from school, some SDSU students are planning on continuing their education while studying abroad.

“Summer study is advantageous for several reasons. Summer studies are offered at a time where students can go. Programs are shorter so students can still work part of the summer,” said Dr. Karl J. Schmidt, director of international programs. “Also, it is less commitment than other programs and a good time to try one out over the summer.”

This summer, SDSU students are traveling to Costa Rica, Ireland, Australia, London and South Korea. Summer study abroad programs are flexible and range from three weeks to two months.

“There is flexibility. You have a little time to work and you can still go on a summer program,” Schmidt said. “I think they’re great. For many students it makes sense and I encourage that.”

The Department of Modern Languages is hosting its largest summer study abroad program, which will last one month. Forty-five students will be traveling to San Jos