Student faces drugs charges for posession of 14 pounds of marijuana

Michelle Herrick

Michelle Herrick

An SDSU student was arrested this summer after police found a total of 14 pounds of marijuana in his apartment.

Anthony Quinn Robinson, 23, who was a back-up running back for the SDSU football team, pleaded not guilty to the three drug charges June 29, and will go before a jury trial Sept. 22, said State’s Attorney Clyde Calhoon.

If convicted of the three felony charges, Robinson could face a maximum penalty of 35 years in prison and a $20,000 fine.

Robinson, who is currently out on a $5,000 bond, transferred to SDSU from a California junior college, and is a junior electrical engineering major at SDSU.

Robinson didn’t show up for fall football camp, so he’s not on the roster, said Jason Hove, assistant sports information director for the SDSU athletic department.

Robinson faces three felony charges that include distribution of more than one pound of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute more than one pound of marijuana and possession of than one ounce of marijuana.

After the arraignment on June 29, Calhoon told local Depot Radio news the 14 pounds of marijuana is the most he has ever seen a single defendant possess in the 30 years he’s been a prosecutor.

Jason Evan, an officer with the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation, had been investigating Robinson from May until his arrest on June 28, according to court documents. The documents say Evan used a confidential informant twice to purchase marijuana from Robinson, also known as A-ROB. During the course of the investigation, Evan determined who Robinson was and on June 28, police searched Robinson’s apartment.

Among other items, police seized a computer tower with six bags of marijuana, a silver box with marijuana and another bag of marijuana from Robinson’s apartment, according to court documents.