Local stores appeal to fans of the medieval

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

Two local novelty stores sell collectable swords and other gadgets.

Baubles and Blades in the Sioux Empire Mall in Sioux Falls sells collectable non-firing guns, crossbows and swords.

” I would say that about half our sales come from impulse buyers who just walk in.” said Debra Osborne, manager of the store.

The store sells collectable and replica-type artifacts.

Many of the items look like they belong in a movie or are from the renaissance era.

All of the swords are decorative and not for real use.

“There is a renaissance club that buys a lot of our products and uses them for the renaissance days. That is where a lot of our customers come from, or just people very interested in this type of thing,” Osborne said.

The renaissance groups tend to be the most solid customers mainly because they have an event every year, and this is something that they like to deal with on a daily basis, Osborne said.

“Anyone can join, and we have a lot of good times,” said Char Telkamp, member of the SDSU Medieval Club. “It is fun for the whole family; it isn’t just for students.”

For those interested in swords or the medieval, you can find a store closer to home.

In downtown Brookings, Brost’s Aquarium and Hobbies sells everything from aquarium and pet supplies to swords and books.

“We have swords, long and short, daggers, European-and Asian-styled swords,” Brost said. “Everything is very similar to the real thing, ranging from $10 to $50, however they are replicas.”

Most of the customers coming into Brost’s store are fans of the renaissance-era. They’ve recently started a club that simulates medieval life, called the Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA).

A lot of the customers are interested in Dungeons and Dragons, which entices them to buy simular swords or gadgets, Brost said.

#1.886044:2102384343.jpg:swordshop1.jpg:This suit of armor stands in Baubles and Blades in the Sioux Empire Mall in Sioux Falls. :Jerry Smith