Get your PCs locally

Adam Zobel

Adam Zobel

If you want a computer that is built better and lasts longer, Brookings may be the place to look–not online or at a “big box” store like Wal-Mart or Best Buy.

Customer service, standardized system parts, customization and local technical support are several major reasons why someone should consider one of the local computer stores when purchasing a computer.

“They can sell it in a box; we can sell you a solution,” Nortek Computers manager Brad Prouty said.

Harvey Donley, owner of Donley’s Computer Sales & Service, says computers sold at his business have parts that are easier to replace, repair and upgrade. In addition, companies that mass-produce computers often cut corners by using inferior parts, lowering the computer cost but reducing its reliability.

Local technical support lets computer users talk to computer technicians who are practically next door, instead of calling the big companies that provide technical support from afar.

Local computer stores can often repair computers in less time than it takes to ship a computer away for service.

Donley says many repairs come in because people get frustrated with long hours spent on the phone with technical service call centers.

“90% of the machines we work on are still under factory warranty,” Donley said.