‘Capers Takes a Holiday’ puts new spin on tradition



JENNY NGUYEN The sixth dance routine of Capers rehearses in Doner Auditorium Wednesday, Jan. 17. Capers will be held in Doner Auditorium from Tuesday, Jan. 23 to Saturday, Jan. 27. The theme this year is Capers Takes A Holiday.

Haley Halvorson

After 73 years of Capers has earned a celebration, which is why this year’s Capers was named “Capers Takes a Holiday.”

The second-longest tradition at South Dakota State, Capers is put on entirely by students, including members of Alpha Psi Omega.

This year’s theme came from members of APO who wanted to show to something that would easily understood to someone outside of SDSU.

All of the obvious holidays like Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Hobo Day were prominent in the production, but there were also some lesser-known holidays like Work Naked Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day and “4/20” worked into the show.

It took multiple members of APO to come up with the script, including Alex Garcia, a junior theatre major, president of Alpha Psi Omega and artistic director of Capers. He oversaw everything throughout the production process.

“I was the face of it really, to the people in the show,” he said. “I would talk to them every night and let them know what was going on.”

Auditions for Capers were in December and the first two weeks back from break were spent rehearsing up until opening night.

Many students who participated last year came for this year’s show.

“Within the show, there were about 105 students, and 20 people on our side who ran the show,” he said.
“It’s a little smaller than last year … but this is one of best groups I’ve been around in my three years doing it.”

It was the first time performing on stage for freshman exercise science major Ethan Reetz.

Reetz was talked into auditioning by friends in his residence hall, different community assistants and members of APO.

His favorite part of joining Capers was the practices, making new friends and getting the chance to entertain other people.

Being involved with Capers does come with its challenges, though.

“Not knowing who is in the audience can be nerve-wracking, but once you or other people get the audience laughing you feel comfortable with it and that’s a great feeling,” Reetz said.

During Capers, various covers of popular songs are performed. Some of the songs covered this year included “True Colors,” “For Your Entertainment” and “Unsteady.”

Most music includes dance numbers as well.

“The dances this year, I think, are incredible,” Garcia said. “We have people who have been taking dance classes and have been doing this for years, and have created these interesting and fun to watch dances.”

Senior agricultural business major Sarah Schoon joined Capers for the first time this year to spend time with her sorority sisters and further her love of theatre.

“You do not need to have theatre experience,” Schoon said. “It is a great way to get involved in the theater department. If you are on the fence about joining, just try out.”

According to Schoon, Capers is an amazing experience where you will make new friends and great memories.

“It is a great production, the directors and APO members work hard to put together a wonderful show that everyone will surely enjoy,” she said.