The New Collegian Format


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I have attended SDSU for the past four years and after reading the latest issue of the Collegian released the first week of class, I was appalled at what I saw. Where had the old Collegian gone, the paper that I had come to accept as the standard for college newspapers over the past four years? It goes without saying that the Collegian’s format changes from year to year depending on the current staff and editors, especially the Editor-in-Chief, but what or who has possessed the minds of the current staff to release a college newspaper of this kind? Don’t they know that I am not alone? Don’t they know that there are thousands of other college students, who every week will pick up an issue of the Collegian and be shocked at what they find? And what of SDSU’s faculty, who will have to deal with the potential upset that this latest change in format will be sure to bring?If you are reading this letter to the editor, then you probably already know what I am talking about, since you hold in your hands evidence of the kind of journalism that the SDSU Collegian Staff is trying to pawn off onto the student body. And I am sure that you are asking yourself the same question as I am, “How is it possible that there is actual news and content in the Collegian, and not the same old crap that has been shoveled out in years past?”Thank you, Collegian Staff, for making the Collegian worth reading.

Joe NelsonSenior, Philosophy & Religion major605-690-5113812 Onaka Trail, apt. 19Brookings, SD 57006