Club goes for older crowd

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

Planning on partying it up at the LODO this year? Not anymore. LODO has changed their name to the Main Street Pub and Events Hall.

Owner Garner Hansen received a malt beverage alcohol license on Aug. 24 officially making it a 21 and over bar.

Hansen has a dance floor in the back of the bar set up for partygoers to dance along with a live band or a DJ. Hansen has done some remodeling in the bar. Also if partygoers feel they have the voice made for stage, they can express their talent on at kareokee on Friday nights.

Hansen still plans on having an 18 and up night at the bar on Thursday nights. Doors open at 8 p.m. and will be open until 2 a.m.

“I’d still like to offer something like last year’s 18 and up club. But three nights a week was pretty tough for that type of crowd to keep them interested,” said Hansen.

For the 18 and up nights, there will only be the dance floor open to the students. There are three main entrances to this building, and Hansen asks that the 18 and up students enter through the back where there will be no alcohol allowed. Also, those 18 and over will get wrists bands at the door. In the back of the bar there will be a pool table, fuse ball and darts.

Main Street Pub will offer “versatile establishment,” Hansen said. At the Main Street Pub you will find, a “pub atmosphere,” a dance floor, DJs, live bands, malt beverages, karaoke on Fridays, and also possible Saturday night comedy nights.

Also the Main Street Pub can be rented for special occasions or for private parties except on event nights.

SDSU can rent out the building or just the back dance floor for certain occasions. Hansen has already booked weddings for next summer.

“One great thing is that the dance floor will be right there, they will have the DJ and they will be able to cater their own food, which is a plus for a lot of couples,” Hansen said.

Hansen also plans on having a pool and dart league Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. There will be sign up sheets in the bar.

The main reason for turning the old LODO into the Main Street Pub is to “expand local clientele base, and to widen range I could cater to,” Hansen said.

Hansen has already done some remodeling to the building. He has taken out one of the walls in the back to open up the room.

Main Street Pub will open its door Sept. 2, and will be open every Thursday through Saturday until 2 a.m.

Brookings Mayor Scott Munsterman voted at the city council meeting for Hansen to get a license to sell alcohol, and said it is a shame that students who are under 21 don’t have more places to go.

“It don’t really care, but it is sad that they have lost their place to hang out,” Munsterman said.