Jon Lauck rebuttal

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To the editor of the Collegian,

I wanted to respond to Jon Lauck’s recent editorial, “Blogs challenge traditional media by going straight to the consumer.” Lauck is an Assistant Professor here on campus, and after teaching us all a little lesson about the world of ‘blogs’ and their role in modern day reporting, he admits, “There are number of bloggers in South Dakota, including myself, and they have focused their fire on the Sioux Falls Argus Leader.”

I think that statement is a little disingenuous. Yes, Lauck, operates a blog, but the Argus Leader is hardly the focus of his fire. On a daily, even hourly basis, Mr. Lauck posts nothing more that than factually questionable criticisms and partisan jabs at Senator Tom Daschle. The website is devoted solely to the defeat of Tom Daschle and the election of John Thune. Blogs were born out of a desire to keep the media honest; however, Mr. Lauck is on no quest for the truth. According to John Thune’s public campaign finance records, Lauck is a highly paid ‘research consultant’ for the former congressman’s campaign. The irony here is that while bloggers believe themselves to be journalists at heart, Mr. Lauck’s journalistic integrity in reporting on the South Dakota Senate race is lacking, to say the least.

Also, I wonder if President Miller is aware that one of her professors uses state owned resources to advance his client’s political career — unless, of course, Lauck drives back to his home in Sioux Falls to post attacks on Daschle between his classes in Brookings.

Josh Horton, SDSU College Democrats President