Weblogs easy to create, powerful

Jeremy Fugleberg

Jeremy Fugleberg

You’ve probably heard of weblogs, or know someone who has one.

Weblogs, or just “blogs,” are online journals by people from all walks of life.

Blogs can be about your birthday party last night or about the latest political scandal.

More and more people are blogging according to a recent study by the Online survey company Perseus Development.

The same study found most blogs are created by teens and college-aged people.

Bloggers often link to other blogs they’re interested in, creating a “webring” of connected sites.

Daypop.com is the “Google” of weblog search engines. Type in anything you’re interested in. You’ll be amazed.

Want to start your own blog? Blogger.com is a free blog provider, with easy-to-use templates to get you going fast. Typepad.com will charge you for your blog, but also provides a lot more flexibilty and options.

See you in the blogosphere!