Homesick? Go find a life

Edward Kearns

Edward Kearns

Dear Edward,

All through my senior year of high school I couldn’t wait to get to college. No parents, tons of parties, and just being able to do what I wanted to do, it was supposed to be great. But now that I am here, I don’t feel like this is where I should be. I don’t think I’m smart enough for most of my classes and I don’t know anyone here. My parents tell me just to give it time, but I’m not sure. Help me, please?

~Bewildered Student

Dear Bewildered,

Honestly you are not the only student who feels this way. At this very moment, there are hundreds of people thinking the exact same thing you are. being away from home for the first time, more often than not, is nothing like we want it too be.

Sometimes, parents are much smarter than we give them credit for. This is one of those times. You just need to give it a little time.

It won’t be long before most of the student population feels lost in one class or another. The best way to deal with it is to read your book, look over your notes, and if nothing else, talk to your instructor. Just don’t wait until late in the semester to get it done. Find the help you need right away.

As for the friends you are missing, again, you have found yourself in the same boat as many other students. It’s time to make some new friends, and that means getting out of the dorms once in a while.

Head out to a football game, or get off campus and find a place to hang out, like the bowling alley. At the very least, make friends with the people you go to class with. A lot of them could use some new friends also. At the same time, you will have someone there who just might be able to help you out if you get lost in class.

College is not a never ending party like it shows in the movies, but it should be fun just the same. Get out and give yourself the life you want, because it won’t come to you.


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