Top costumes picks of 2004

Edward Kearns

Edward Kearns

Halloween is my favorite time of year. Even in the mid-day sun there still seems to be a dark chill hanging in the air. It is the only time of year we can all forget about being cool and revert to being children playing dress-up.

The older we get the harder it is to decide on a costume. As children it was easy; super heroes, pirates, princesses, witches and vampires were always the best choices. Now between classes and work we often don’t feel we have the time to put something creative together.

Here are a few quick and simple ideas for this year’s Halloween costume. Maybe it will save you from throwing on some old clothes and going as a zombie again.

Martha Stewart

Not only are we finally seeing a celebrity go to jail, Stewart was a poster-woman for good, clean American values, and that is just makes all the more laughable. The costume is very easy to pull off. Get yourself some striped pajamas and remember your manners. No all that is left to do is spend the night annoying the host of the party you ended up at by constantly telling them how to throw a better party and make better decorations.

John Kerry

Masks of the presidential candidates can be found everywhere. But why bother spending the money? If you want to be John Kerry, use a little make-up to make yourself look like Death with skin and put on a dark suit. Now color your hair gray and spend the night seeing just how many points your audience passes out.

G.W. Bush

The President is just as easy to pull off. Forget the suit coat and tie and leave the top button of your shirt undone. Next, use a subtle, fake Texas accent to defend everything you do by diverting attention to less important or even fictitious matters.

Cereal Killer

No, that isn’t a typo. This costume idea is cheap, easy to make and my definite favorite for 2004. All you need is an old sweat suit, some empty cereal boxes, plastic knives and fake blood. Glue the cereal boxes to the sweat suit, stab a plastic knife into the boxes and smear on some fake blood. It may seem a bit cheesy, but if nothing else, it is worth a good laugh.


It is highly possible that this costume only made the list because I’m a guy. But if you are a single girl with the intentions of finding a man at your Halloween party, this might be a great choice. Vinyl, form-fitting cat suit: enough said. Just be careful how much you have to drink at the party-this cat costume doesn’t easily allow for trips to the kitty box.