The not-so-secret artworks of SDSU


Cover Art And Photos By Jerry Smith

#1.885866:2762272656.jpg:statue.jpg:M. Krete Kendall Miller´s “Legend of Tetonkaha,” Sylvan Theatre.:Jerry Smith#1.885865:2434945397.jpg:lincolnbust.jpg:Gilbert Riswold´s bust of President Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln Music Hall entryway. :Jerry Smith#1.885864:2385639914.jpg:infrontofartmusuem.jpg:Sculpture in front of the S.D. Art Museum. :Jerry Smith#1.885863:2856163523.jpg:infrontartmuseum2.jpg:Steel sculpture on the east side of the S.D. Art Museum.:Jerry Smith#1.885862:3567823854.jpg:crothers.jpg:Michael Warrick´s “Impulse 1989.”:Jerry Smith