Soccer team adds to win column

Laura Lorenz

Laura Lorenz

SDSU’s women’s soccer team beat University of Mary (N.D.) 3-1 Sunday afternoon. The Lady Jacks put in good effort to keep their passes and shots under control despite the windy conditions.

The Lady Jacks started the first half by making good passes and looking for the open pockets on the field. Each teammate stayed in motion constantly, trying to get open and in as good a position as possible for the ball. The majority of the time the Lady Jacks were able to stay one step ahead and keep the passes circulating. The Marauders were not about to the let the Lady Jacks have an easy win and they were able to stop the Lady Jacks from moving any farther up field.

Freshman forward Kelsey Worcester could not be stopped from scoring the team’s first goal, with an assist from senior midfielder Michelle Rahe. The Lady Jacks took advantage of this early lead and pushed the ball back into the Marauders turf, each time getting closer and closer to scoring another shot.

Worcester, with another assist from senior midfielder Amy Goodrich, navigated her way through the Marauders’ defense and scored a second goal for the Lady Jacks. The Marauders remained scoreless and hard pressed to keep up with the Lady Jacks, who continued to manipulate the field.

As the first half came to a close, the Marauders had yet to score. As the wind continued to harass the passes made by each team, the Lady Jacks, led again by Worcester, unassisted this time, went in for the kill and scored their third goal.

As the second half began, it looked as though the Marauders were more determined to control the field. They defended the Lady Jacks closely, and intercepted what seemed to be pass after pass. In an effort to take back control, the Lady Jacks made small errors that were called in the Marauders’ favor, resulting in the Marauders first goal of the game.

The Lady Jacks pushed on, and their persistence paid off.

They were able to keep the Marauders from scoring a second goal with an amazing save by sophomore defender Maggie Eilers. They maintained their position in the Marauders’ territory for the rest of the game.

After the game, Worcester attributed her hat trick to teammate Michelle Rahe’s good passes to her.

“Michelle just got the good balls through and I was able to get in good position for the shot,” Worcester said.

She said that the team was playing much better since their game in Omaha.

“We’re practicing harder and we just got tired of losing,” she said.

“Highlights of the game were Kelsey Worcester’s three goals, and the good passing made by the team,” head coach Lang Wedemeyer said.

“We do have to work on consistency throughout the game. But the girls are working on it and improving.”

Wedemeyer also said that the team’s next game in Utah would be a new experience for many of the girls.

“For some of the girls, this will be the first time they fly to go to a game.”

The Lady Jacks play their next game in Cedar City, Utah, against Southern Utah on Oct. 9.

#1.885884:3689170637.jpg:soccer10-5.jpg:Number 5, Molly Scharfenkamp, dribbles the ball down the field.:Mike Carlson