Bowling league provides week night fun

Adam Zobel

Adam Zobel

College bowling leagues at Prairie Lanes in Brookings offer SDSU students an opportunity to compete in a relaxed and informal manner.

Two co-ed bowling leagues geared toward SDSU students are offered at the bowling alley, located near the intersection of Highway 14 and Western Avenue. The college league is held Monday nights, while a Hansen Hall league is offered on Wednesday nights. Both start at 9:30 p.m.

According to Les Nelson, co-owner of Prairie Lanes, the Monday night league has about 50 participants and the Wednesday night league has about 30. The participants are of varying skill levels and divided into three-member teams.

Participation in the league costs $7.50 per night, which includes three games and shoe rental. The leagues have a casual setup that allows students to join throughout the season, which corresponds with the semester schedule.

“It’s a fun league,” Nelson said. “They have a good time.”

Ryan Nelson is probably one of the more serious bowlers in the college league. The senior park management student from Vermillion is a lifelong bowler who participates in Prairie Lanes’ “Survivor” league on Monday prior to the college league. After starting the evening with the more serious league, Nelson likes the fun atmosphere of the college league.

“It’s with people you can relate to,” Nelson said.

Jessica Beal, a senior consumer affairs major from Harrisburg, is in her second year of bowling in the college league. Despite saying that she’s “not very good,” she enjoys hanging out with other college students and recruited her sister Ashley to participate. The sisters grew up watching their parents and brothers bowl, stoking their interest in the sport.

“It gives me something to do on a Monday night,” Beal said.

Kevin Crago is also in his first season of the college league. The junior electrical engineering student from Rapid City found out about the league at a promotional booth on registration day. Crago enjoys the league, but would like to see more of the alley’s 26 lanes occupied by students on Monday nights.

“We need more people to bowl,” Crago said.

Students who would like more information about the college leagues can call Prairie Lanes at 692-4435 and ask for Les.

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