Bongo your way to fun with Donkey Konga

Billy Drown

Billy Drown

I’ve never liked multiplayer games. I just always found it better to play with myself … er, play by myself.

But that’s all changed now, because Donkey Konga showed me how much more fun it is to play with others.

Donkey Konga, from Nintendo and Namco, is a rhythm-based game where players drum on bongo controllers when notes of music scroll on the TV. What the player is trying to do is keep the beat to the songs – 33 in all.

Most of the time, well for me at least, slapping on the bongo controller sounded horribly offbeat. Even so, I was still having one hell of a good time looking like a fool.

Most guys won’t mind looking like a fool playing this game, but when your girlfriend wants to join in (and she will) your idea of a good time will be broken by her. Once she starts out bongo-ing you and making fun of your skills, feelings might be hurt.

But enough about my sad story. Overall this game will make a girlfriend feel wanted if her boyfriend has neglected her by playing other games.

Check your maturity at the door when you beginning playing this game. Not only will you be banging on your bongos, but you will also be toe tapping and singing along to such hits as “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and the Pokemon theme song.