Riddlin Kids set to open for Lit in Sioux Falls Nov. 11

Lucinda Albers

Lucinda Albers

The pop-rock band Lit plays onstage in Sioux Falls Nov. 11, but your best chance to meet a rock star might actually be in the crowd during and after the show.

“We love hanging out with the kids after the shows, and, of course, watching the other acts from the crowd. We’re music fans ourselves, just like anybody else there,” says Dustin Stroud, opening act Riddlin Kids’ guitarist/vocalist.

Riddlin Kids and Denver Harbor will open for Lit in the Dakota Room at the Oaks Hotel Nov. 11.

“We love the Midwest and are really excited to go back to South Dakota,” says Stroud. “The kids get into our live shows more because they don’t see as many as the West Coast kids do.”

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Riddlin Kids hit the music scene with their 2002 debut album Hurry Up and Wait, and just recently released their follow up album Stop the World.

“We’ve grown up a lot musically since the last CD. We’ve become more mature and involved in our music,” says Stroud.

Lit formed almost 15 years ago in Orange County, Ca., and promptly had a ride of radio hits and local gig sellouts. While many know them for their hit “My Worst Enemy,” they’ve also released “Miserable” (most famous for its video featuring Pamela Anderson) and “Zip-lock.” They’ve created top ten hits and scored platinum sales with 1997’s Tripping the Light Fantastic and 2001’s Atomic.

Just recently they released their self-titled fourth album.

Their next single, “Looks Like They Were Right,” will soon be on radio stations nationwide.

San Diego-based Denver Harbor will also perform with Lit and Riddlin Kids. The punk-rock group has just recently hit the music scene with their 2004 debut release Scenic after releasing three MP3s on purevolume.com in 2003.

Tickets are $15 plus any applicable charges and are available at Sioux Falls Last Stop CD Shops and all Ticketmaster outlets, including online.