Off to the Races displays ethnic diversity

Dana Verlinde

Dana Verlinde

Doner Auditorium was filled with students Tuesday, Nov. 16, watching a play that dealt with how people judge one another based on appearances.

Off to the Races, a social comedy/drama sponsored by the Multicultural Affairs office and performed by 7 AM Productions, has been running since 1994 and has four actors.

Depending on the story that the actors are performing, the play has different actors that perform each part.

The performers were Valerie Reeves and Sonya McKray from Nebraska, and Aundre MinKins and Burny Durant from North Carolina.

MinKins, who wrote the play, bases the script on situations of discrimination in his life and the lives of others.

When 7 AM goes on tour, the actors adjust their script based on the area. The actors said the reason that they choose to go on tour is to open the eyes of people from all backgrounds, experiences and upbringing.

Rozyher Aware, who is in charge of the Multicultural Affairs office, was pleased with the turnout of the students.

“It was a diverse crowd, and Mr. MinKins is very easy to work with,” she said.

Lindsey Dumire a sophomore, communications and theater major from Lead/Deadwood said she didn’t think the play had a great effect.

“They were using the same stereotypes in the play, and throughout the play people were leaving,” she said.