Inked and Poked

Colleen Stein

Colleen Stein

Christina Abraham 22 years oldFifth-year senior Brookings, SDPsychology and SociologyTattoo Artist for 2 years at Affinity Body Art in Sioux Falls”My whole life I’ve been an artist and [my body] was just another canvas.”

Christine Harte 22 years oldFifth-year seniorBrookings, SDEarly Childhood EducationTattoo of bat on left ankle”I wanted a tattoo because it is so much more personal and meaningful than a piercing. I got a tattoo of bats because I believe that they are misunderstood creatures and I find that I can identify with them.”

Victoria Grundel 22 years oldFourth-year JuniorSpringfield, MNButterfly tattoo on left shoulder”I wanted to prove to myself that I could do something that I was afraid of.”

Mike Warkenthein 21 years oldJuniorBrookings, SDLandscaping Design2 tattoos: Praying hands wrapped in a rose on back, Black Panther on right shoulder blade

“My family is in my tattoo of the praying hands. The hands wrapped in a rose vine symbolize the protection of God and each thorn on the rose stem represents a member of my family. I wanted to get a tattoo of something I would never get sick of and I know that I’ll never get sick of my family.”

Ten questions for the tattoo guy Questions for Larry Jordan, owner/artist of Wyld Thangs Tattoos.

1. The first time you did a tattoo, what was it?

When I was 17 I did a heart with a ribbon around it on a friend of mine.

2. Have you ever had a dissatisfied customer that demanded he shouldn’t have to pay for his tattoo?

Not yet.

3. What is the longest time (in one sitting) you have taken to give a tattoo?

16 hours. I did a half of a sleeve on a guy in Indiana. He slept through most of it and I woke him up when I was done.

4. What is the worst place on your body to get a tattoo?

Its hard to say because it depends on the person. For a guy, I’d say the rib cage hurts the worst. For women, I guess it would be the lower back.

5. What is the dumbest/craziest tattoo you have ever done?

A guy in Evansville, Ind., wanted me to do a basket of fruit on him. I tried to talk him out of it but that’s what he wanted so I did it. There was also a guy in Nebraska who wanted an ear of corn.

6. What is the most popular tattoo/image people want done?

Most people who come in want custom work. I do a little bit of everything because no one wants to get a tattoo that everyone else has. The further south you go, the more people want the same old thing; the butterflies, the flowers, the tribal designs.

7. When is the busiest time of year for getting tattoos?

Here it’s busiest in the winter and fall when the college kids are in town. They’re a big part of the business in Brookings.

8. What is the difference between powder and liquid tattoo ink?

They don’t use powder ink anymore. Guy Hachison from Chicago holds the title as the best tattoo artist in the world and I am a member of his forum. He has researched inks and written books about it and whenever I have any questions, I ask him. I’ve been using Permapro ink for about 10 years now and it’s never given anyone any problems.

9. Do you ever give friends or family free tattoos as gifts?

Yeah. Most of my family lives far south and I usually only see them around Christmas so when they come to visit I usually do whatever kind of work they want done.

10. Where do you go to get your tattoos done?

I’ve got a few artists but they are in the south. There are some friends who work at Artist Encounters in Kentucky that I go to and then there’s American Tattoos in Virginia Beach too. Some day I’ll get back there to have them finish up some work I want done.

#1.885635:3380675995.jpg:Juicy cover.jpg:Christina Abraham:Mike Carlson#1.885634:1476211443.jpg:tattoo victoria.jpg:Victoria Grundel:Mike Carlson#1.885633:3916718400.jpg:tattoo mike.jpg:Mike Warkenthein:MIke Carlson#1.885632:4164420386.jpg:tattoo christine.jpg:Christine Harte:Mike Carlson#1.885631:1839514772.jpg:tattoo artist.jpg:Larry Jordan, owner of Wyld Thangs Tattoos in Brookings, creates a back design for Zach. Jordan says he once tattooed a basket of fruit on a customer in Evansville, Ind., despite JordanĀ“s attempt to talk the man out of it.:Mike Carlson