Meet the Grand Pooba

Heather Mangan

Heather Mangan

Hobo Days probably wouldn’t be possible without the Grand Pooba, the go-to person chosen by the University Program Council every year.

Kasey Bickel, a sophomore from Timber Lake, said she thought it would be fun and helpful to her career later on in life.

“I would like to go into event planning,” said Bickel, who currently is undecided. “I thought this was a great practice.”

As Grand Pooba, Bickel’s responsibilities are to recruit and manage committee members, talk to businesses and alumni about this year’s Hobo Day, publicize the event and keep the Bummobile running smoothly. She also organizes and oversees the parade.

She started working on Hobo Day week this summer. She discussed the week’s events with President Peggy Gordon Miller and met with designer Jim Taggart to discuss the posters, buttons, t-shirts and bumper stickers. She also took the Bummobile to parades throughout South Dakota to advertise Hobo Day.

“There is so much work that goes in that you don’t realize,” she said.

UPC advisor Adam Karnopp said that Bickel has been been in the office as late a midnight some nights.

“She is doing a great job,” he said. “She has definitely got the Hobo Day spirit. There wasn’t any question that Kasey (Bickel) could do the job.”

One of Bickel’s objectives is to get freshman involved in Hobo Day week.

“When I was a freshman, I didn’t really know what was going on,” she said. “I wanted to let freshman know what Hobo Day is about and (that) they could help with it.”

The job has taught her more about SDSU and how to be proud of her school.

“I’ve got to know more about the traditions on campus,” Bickel said. “It gives me a lot more school spirit.”

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