SA OKs budgets for three campus orgnizations

Heather Mangan

Heather Mangan

The Students’ Association’s approved budgets for the International Relationships Club (IRC), Helping Everyone Reach Optimal Health (HEROH) and Student Health and Counseling Services at the Nov. 15 meeting.

The IRC received $16,500, which is the same amount it requested last year. It also received an additional $2,000 for International Night, said IRC member Diana Mullen. The group is in charge of the Festival of Cultures, among other events.

HEROH’s budget of $2,500 was approved, which was a $300 increase from last year. Jami Croston, president of the club, said the group creates health education literature for Student Health and is currently putting together flu kits.

Student Health was granted $570,964 for 2006. Director Janet Mullen said the money from SA is 58 percent of student health’s total budget.

SA also approved the part-time salary of a registered nutritionist to work at student health. A nutritionist from Brookings Hospital was contracted to meet with students fours a week. In previous years, a nutrition graduate assistant worked at student health.