response to pumpkin smashing article


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I recently happened to be gazing though the collegian at work and I ran across an article that really irritated me. The title was something like “Pumpkins Smashed, Memories Lost.” I read through what all these little kids said about how they had even named the pumpkins, and how upset they were about them getting smashed. Well reading this really pissed me off. It bothered me that the intellience level of certain individuals on this campus is as low as it is. Being a senior in college i have found myself more and more sickened by the actions of some of the idiots I see running around campus and at the bars. In four years I ran across way more than I ever expected. When I first came here I figured college is where you are supposed to grow as a person and leave the little kid shit in the past. Apparently some of the “Einsteins” out there must of slept through that part of orientation, because I see it from people everyday. I hope it makes all those out their who like ruining a little kids Halloween feel good about themselves. Don’t you immature duesh bags feel like a bad asses.

Heath Anderson