Tanya’s top five animated favorites…

Tanya Marsh

Tanya Marsh

A good animated movie knows no age boundaries. I am a big fan of the cute characters and warm fuzzy plots that go along with these films, and I must say it was tough to pick just a few favorites. Nonetheless, here they are.

#5: HerculesThe characters and songs are funky, and the humor is almost adult, as when the fly-by-night pulls open his trenchcoat to rasp, “Wanna buy a sundial?”

#4: Chicken RunOkay, so maybe it’s not really animated but I love it anyway. I find the old farmer’s lack of intellectual ability hilarious.

#3: The Emperor’s New GrooveThe whiny llama, big dumb henchman and cuddly squirrels are just too funny to not love! This movie has a spot on my video shelf.

#2: The Land Before TimeThese lovable dinosaur babies are all distinct and it’s fun to watch them interact. Plus, the plot is touching.

#1: Monsters, Inc.The characters are beautifully animated and unique. Sully is the epitome of huggable; Mike has some great lines. The story is creative – it fascinated me and brought me to tears. It’s another flick I recommend owning.