Coach Carter: an athletic Cinderella story that captures hearts

Lucinda Albers

Lucinda Albers

Samuel L. Jackson stars in the newly released drama, Coach Carter , that is based on a true story.

Coach Carter (Jackson) leads his Richmond High boys’ basketball team through a very successful and controversial season.

The source of this controversy is Coach Carter’s unprecedented emphasis on academics over athletics.

The Plot: Coach Carter is offered a coaching position for a rowdy basketball team and begins to train them not only to win, but to become better people in the long run.

He requires the team members to sign a contract including a promise to improve their academic standards. The team greatly improves their athletic abilities and continues on a winning streak.

After Coach Carter receives disappointing reports from the athletes’ teachers, he locks the gym until they improve. The situation escalates into TV news reports, hostile parents and eventually a school board meeting to discuss what will happen. The end will surprise you, as it is a happy ending, but not the normal happy ending.

Why you might like it: The movie follows the lives of Coach Carter and his basketball players. Their stories are likely to capture your attention and win you over.

A few of the scenes include a humorous offset, which will leave the entire crowd laughing. As a drama, it also includes serious situations that reflect reality.

Why you might not like it: Although the movie is inspired by a true story, it was a typical Cinderella story for athletes.

If you were tired by other basketball dramas, you may not like the ordinary story line of this one.

Four out of five stars