Editorial: SDSU should be technology leader


Two Students’ Association senators are working on expanding wireless Internet on-campus.

Senior Kristin Olsen and junior Ryan Brunner have been researching options to provide more locations of on-campus wireless Internet.

Wireless Internet is currently accessible in Briggs Library, Larson Commons, Medary Commons and varied classrooms throughout campus that have departmental authorization and it will be accessible in the new University Student Union. But Olsen and Brunner want add wireless Internet access to lobby and study areas of residence halls.

In the “No strings attached” front-page article of this week’s Collegian, Olsen states that it is discouraging that SDSU has only a few locations with wireless Internet access. And she has a point.

SDSU is the largest university in South Dakota and a leader in academics and athletics. It should also be a leader in technology. There is no reason why a university of this size shouldn’t have several locations accessible to wireless Internet.

Brunner is also quoted in the front-page article saying that high student interest will get the ball moving on making it easier to obtain more wireless Internet accessible locations on campus. That shouldn’t be a problem.

Convenience is a major priority to college students and that is why more and more students are purchasing laptop computers. And with those convenient computers, students are going to want convenient Internet access. That is where the wireless Internet comes in.

But it won’t do them any good if they can use it in only one or two locations. It is the university’s responsibility to keep up with changing technology to accommodate its students.

So the high interest will be present. Students are going to want this type of technology on campus and they are going to want it in as many places as possible.

Having more wireless Internet locations on campus is also a selling point for SDSU. It is technology like this that will set our university apart from others and make the school even more attractive to high school seniors. Wireless Internet would also be helpful for summer camps, which could also attract potential students.

With constantly changing technology, SDSU will eventually want to expand wireless Internet on campus. It just makes sense to do it sooner than later.