Union construction impacts life on campus

Amy Brown

Amy BrownETC Editor

Last April construction started on the new student union and the heavy machinery has not left yet.

With a drop in sales at the University Bookstore, organizations’ offices scattered across campus and classrooms doubling as dining areas, union construction has definitely impacted campus life at SDSU.

The project has created some challenges on campus as far as scheduling space for meetings and programs as well as locating offices that have moved.

“Whether an office was relocated or an organization had to make adjustments to their normal routine of scheduling, everyone has had to be flexible this year,” Kathy Lusk said, director of the Student Union and Activities. “Traffic patterns have definitely changed for student organizations and departments.”

Kathy Glanzer, a sophomore who lives on campus, eats at Larson Commons during the change of dining options due to union construction.

“It’s disappointing that the union is closed but I like how there are more places to eat,” said Glanzer, a pre-pharmacy major from Bridgewater. “The only bad thing is that the lines in Larson Commons are so long around supper time that you almost don’t want to eat there. Even though SDSU made it work for now, it will be nice to have the union back.”

The student union is set for completion on about July 1, 2005. The expanded union will include meeting space, program and dining areas, an expanded bookstore, additional student organization office space and more lounge/study space for students.

No major setbacks have delayed construction. The union is approximately 59 percent done and finishing details will be completed this spring, Lusk said.

Lusk said January’s snow and cold temperatures did not slow the construction crews. The student union is enclosed, so the construction company was not affected by the weather.

“I have continued to encourage everyone who was relocated as well as everyone else on campus … think about the finished project,” she said.