Little I events set to kick off

Miranda Malo

Miranda Malo

Students who are interested in showing and fitting livestock, or learning how to, should attend the Little International livestock drawing on Wednesday, Feb. 16 in Rotunda D.

By participating in the 8 p.m. drawing, students register themselves for competition in the Little International agriculture exposition, held March 18 to 19.

“You throw your name in and if you get picked, you get to pick what species you want to show,” said Brian Fruechte, senior agriculture business/business economics major and Little I manager.

Beginner showmen can try their hand at showmanship and fitting, or grooming, of sheep, cattle, dairy cattle and pigs. Experienced showmen can face new competition in these four species, plus horse. Fruedchte said that students who know little about livestock can participate in Little I.

“We’re always looking to attract a more diversified group of students,” he said. “There’s people around all the time that are experienced and are pretty willing to help out.”

The students who get drawn to show an animal will have two weeks in March to work with their livestock.

“People tend to have a lot of fun with it. You’re out there every day working with your animal,” said Fruechte, a Pipestone native who has many years of showing experience under his belt. “It’s kind of what you put into it. If you’re really out there to win, you’re going to have to put in a lot of time.”

Fruechte said that some people bring their own typical species-specific show-gear like halters, brushes, and clippers, but it’s not a big deal if a participant doesn’t have the right equpiment.

“A lot of experienced people bring their own [equipment]. If you don’t have any equipment we can help you find someone that will borrow you some,” said Fruechte.

While there is no cash reward, Fruechte said it is a great way to meet people and learn. Winners do receive plaques for their accomplishments.

Little I requires a $15 deposit that is refundable based on good care of livestock and facilities. They will collect the deposit and liability forms at the drawing.

For more information contact Brian Fruechte at (507) 820-1467.