Graphic designers’ skills on display in Ritz

Lucinda Albers

Lucinda Albers

Students of the Visual Arts Department put all of their hard work at SDSU to the test during their senior art show.

Norman Gambill, head of the Visual Arts Department, says the department usually holds shows at the end of the fall semester and throughout February and March.

“We usually hold other exhibits earlier in the fall semester,” Gambill says.

The amount of pieces a student has in the show somewhat depends on how many other students are in that show. Graphic design major Chad Herrboldt, who had his show with two other students, had 11 pieces on display, while painting major Crystal Boetel will have 15 pieces in her show with one other student.

Students pick their own art to display without much help from the instructors.

“The students pick their own art and get graded on the pictures themselves as well as their shows,” Gambill says. “That’s part of the challenge.”

Graphic design majors Jason Kuhl and Adam Hegge, who had their show with Herrboldt, say that most of their pictures come from their senior year. Their art may also be from outside sources.

“Some of the pictures displayed are also from my job at Daktronics,” Kuhl says.

Many students believe that the Visual Arts Department’s strong faculty offers many opportunities.

“The quality of professors is great at SDSU,” Herrboldt says. “They offer a great experience that compares to real life.”

Boetel agrees.

“We have really great teachers that are also your friends,” she says.

The program also offers students other positive aspects.

“I like how you can just be creative,” Hegge says. “I also like how the classes are smaller in size.”

The program, however, can get fairly expensive for students.

“Graphic design majors are encouraged to buy a lap-top, but it is not mandatory,” Gambill says. “The students must also buy their own personal materials and supplies.”

Apart from the expenses for the major, many students are happy with their choice of the Visual Arts Department at SDSU.

“I toured the state and SDSU had the best looking program,” Kuhl says.

Hegge agreed, but added one drawback.

“I’m happy with my choice,” he says, “except it’s cold.”

#1.885306:2172255160.jpg:ArtChadAa.jpg:Senior Chad Herrboldt poses by a sample of his work at his senior show. Herrboldt is a Graphic Design major at SDSU.:#1.885305:1680102364.jpg:Art3Aa.jpg:Senior Adam Hegge poses by a few of his pieces of art at his senior show. Heggy is a Graphic Design major.: