The Underpants set to open Feb. 16

Amy Barrick

Amy Barrick

Starting this week, you might want to hold onto your shorts. SDSU’s theatre department is putting on The Underpants, a satirical comedy written by Carl Sternheim and adapted by Steve Martin. The story kicks off with a bit of a “wardrobe malfunction” when main character Louise Maske’s underpants accidentally fall down during a parade in the king’s honor. Her husband is furious, convinced that the incident would turn them both into social outcasts. However, this does not prove to be the case and instead turns Louise into a short-term celebrity.

This production, director JD Ackman points out, will not be like any other productions students may have seen. This production is designed to resemble a cartoon, with a colorful set designed by Cory Shelsta, part of the SDSU theatre faculty, and cartoon-ish sound effects and music.

The play stars Valerie Falken as Louise, and Jason Pratt as her husband. Other members of the cast are: Ryan Siebrasse, Carrie Brinker, Michael Christensen, Tommy Wedge, and Gavin Nachtigau.

The play opens at 8 p.m. Feb. 16 and goes until Feb. 19, then again from Feb. 23 through Feb. 26. A matinee will also be held on Feb. 19 at 2 p.m. All performances will be held at the Performing Arts Center’s Fishback Studio Theatre. Admission is free for SDSU students with valid student ID.

#1.885344:1407701215.jpg:underpants.jpg:Michael Christensen acts astonished at one of the last Underpants rehearsals before the show´s premiere.: