SA Elections Part 1

Jesse Batson

Jesse Batson

Juniors Ryan Brunner and Tim Wrenn were the first two candidates to throw their names in the hat for the 2005 Students’ Association (SA) Presidential elections.

Brunner, currently a senator for the SA, is a presidential candidate and Wrenn is a vice presidential candidate.

The team of Brunner and Wrenn said they offer a nice balance for the top two positions in the SA. Both students would like to get involved with students and make life a little bit easier on campus.

“Working for a better SDSU is kind of the motto that we came out with because we feel that we can make SDSU a better place for all the students that are here by working to accomplish the goals that we are setting out for our campaign,” Brunner said.

Starting a recycling program, addressing the visitation policy and building a wellness center are at the top of Brunner’s and Wrenn’s agenda.

One of the team’s major goals is to create student listservs. The listservs would allow students to keep their current e-mail addresses, rather than having a university e-mail address. Students would subscribe to the listserv and would be able to receive up-to-date information on campus events, from basketball games to music events, Brunner said.

With Yahoo and Hotmail offering much more free e-mail space than SDSU could provide, Brunner proposes that students keep their own e-mail addresses that they already have.

“We can’t compete and provide the quality of service that those businesses can for free to students, so instead of trying to create a new e-mail address system, we are going to utilize the e-mail address that students already have,” he said.

Another item on Brunner’s and Wrenn’s agenda is to provide an easier way to search for apartments and homes for rent.

“The second major goal we have is creating a renter’s guide, kind of like a Better Business Bureau for students renting here on campus,” Brunner said. “There’s hundreds of horror stories from students who have rented from landlords in town who have not treated them properly and students have gotten the raw end of the deal.”

Brunner proposes that this renter’s guide could be accessed online, with student comments about the apartment or house being considered.

“So if students were looking to rent a house, they could check this database and see any comments from people living there before. Kind of like a checks and balances,” he said.

Due to his previous experience as a residence hall advisor, Wrenn would like to implement a recycling program on campus.

“What we’d like to do with the recycling is start working with the city and get like three giant bins, and in those giant bins would have a spot for aluminum cans, or cans in general, plastics, cardboards and set them in three basic stops,” he said.

Three of those potential areas would be the Grove loop, the Larson loop and Hansen Hall.

“It’s something that students really want to do and would do if they had the opportunity to, so we really want to push and get the opportunity for them to be able to recycle,” Wrenn said.

The visitation policy is an item on their agenda that Wrenn describes as ‘clich