Cat allergy requires health consideration

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

Dear Kristin,

I’m really hitting it off with my new boyfriend. We have been together about a month or so now. However, when I went to visit him about a week ago, I found out he has a cat. First off, I dislike cats. That is just the way it is, but this time, I think I am allergic to it. My nose started running and I felt like I was going to throw up. But I told my boyfriend it was probably the flu. I’m afraid if I tell him he might choose his cat over me. I really like him, and I’m scared of what his decision could be.

~Regretting Allergic Reaction

Dear Regretting Allergic Reaction,

First off, your health is more important than anything in this situation. No matter how hard it is going to be, you need to tell your boyfriend that you think you are allergic to his cat.

Sometimes little things like being allergic to a cat, seems very miniscule, but then some how it begins to take over your life. You have to try not to let that happen. Remember, it’s just a cat.

There are different options to this situation. First, get a feel for how much he likes his cat. If your relationship is going to get pretty serious, he maybe needs to think about letting a friend have the cat, or maybe even bringing it down to the pound.

Your second option would be to have him come see you all the time. If he has had this cat for 10 years and can not part with it, that is understandable. Have him just come up and visit you once in a while, or meet at a mutual spot. That way you guys can still have fun, but you won’t spend the whole time getting sick because of his cat.

Lastly, just remember your health is very important. You must tell your boyfriend what is going on. If he cares for you, I promise he will understand. Good luck, and remember, it’s just a cat.

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