Women: Hold out for Mr. Right

Edward Kearns

Edward Kearns

Dear Edward,

When my boyfriend and I started dating everything was great. Now its been three months and its like he’s a totally different person. He comes over to my place every day and wants me to cook him some food or do “other” things. Recently he has started going through my things to see what I have bought when I go to the store and demands to know where I have been whenever he isn’t around. He even demands to know who I e-mail or chat with online. I hate it but I don’t know how to make him stop. Help me please!

~Suffocating Girlfriend

Dear Suffocating,

Here is some really simple advice about how to get rid of him. There isn’t a guy on the planet that is so special he can get away with treating a girl that way – unless you let him.

I’m going to share a little secret: Women hold all the power in a relationship. That’s right guys, you do not now, nor have you ever had control in your relationship, regardless of what you may think.

For centuries, women have prepared our meals, washed our clothes, kept our houses and borne our children. Treat a woman right and she will provide you with everything you ever need; treat her wrong and she could (and should) kick you straight to the curb.

There is no woman alive that needs a man. If you aren’t willing to make her want you, I promise there are plenty of guys who will. You are replaceable.

So ladies, if you think that insensitive jerk sitting on your sofa is as good as any guy, think again. There are real men out there. Men who are willing to treat you the way you deserve and will work to keep that spot right next to you. Don’t ever settle for less than that.

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