KSDJ’s “Local Undies” caters to music fans

Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson

When it comes to radio, few listeners enjoy hearing the same narrow genre (the genre I refer to as “crap”) for hours on end. On the other hand, the idea of hearing Britney Spears and Metallica back to back causes many listeners to cringe until their faces fall off – or, at least until they change the station. So, what can a Music Director do to keep listeners happy?

Derek Dehne, the music director for KSDJ, shared his view. “By providing a variety of music, which stays within the boundaries of a given genre, namely alternative, we can create a balance listeners can enjoy.” Determining what differentiates variety from free-form radio can be a tough task. Too much variation may cause listeners to change the station. As Dehne puts it, the trick to maintaining the balance is “format with character.” Live DJs are adding that character.

As well as adding new songs, Dehne has started co-hosting a weekly show, “Local Undies,” which highlights local and underground music. The show runs every Wednesday evening from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Dehne hopes exposing listeners to up and coming bands will broaden their musical horizons. “Maybe we can give students a few more band names to look up on the Internet.”

In addition, the program will supply a much sought-after medium for local artists who wish to showcase their music. Dehne plans to provide an events calendar during the local show, so bands can inform listeners of upcoming concerts. Before this semester, local bands had to play concerts to spread their music. Now casual listeners can hear local artists on the radio and learn of their concerts, which could potentially improve concert turnout.

For KSDJ, the past semester has been a rough one. Staff transitions, location changes, and the inability to update the computer’s playlist hindered the station for a few months. However, with the new semester in session Dehne and KSDJ are well on the way to creating an atmosphere conducive to musical harmony.

Upcoming Events

On Feb. 12 at the Brookings Mall there will be “Metal and Paintball”. The cost is $5 for just the concert and $15 to play paintball and admission to the concerts. The show includes performances by I’ll Take This to my Grave, Seven Left Standing, EnMemoria and After the Sun.