Getting the message across

Edward Kearns

Edward Kearns

Dear Edward,

I broke up with my girlfriend about a month ago. Unfortunately, she hasn’t seemed to have gotten the message yet. At first, she just kept calling me all the time, wanting to watch a movie and hang out. Then she started finding ways to reach me so she could ask me if we could talk and work out whatever was pulling us a-part. She even started calling my friends and family and saying she was worried about me and that I might hurt myself. I have no idea how to handle this. How can I get it through her head that our relationship is over?

~Desperate Ex

Dear Desperate,

You’re right to be concerned about this. Your ex seems to have a serious problem. Unfortunately, her problem is your problem.

You are going to have to break your silence with her and try and make her understand. Tell her in no uncertain terms that the two of you no longer have a relationship. Don’t dance around the subject and don’t worry about sounding like a jerk.

I know that sounds a bit overboard, but this girl seems convinced that whatever problem you had with the relationship is only temporary. You have to make her see that whatever feelings you did have for her are gone.

Also tell your family members the whole story and ask them to stop talking with her. Listening to her will just encourage her.

You may have to go a step further. Talk to the authorities. Explain to them that she refuses to quit calling you and your family members and anything else she may be doing to remain a part of your life. It is possible they can get her to stop without needing a restraining order, but keep in mind there is a possibility you will have to go that far.

Breaking up is never easy or fun. Problems like these happen when one person wants to avoid being hurt so much that they just deny it ever happened. It isn’t healthy and can even become unsafe in some cases. Do what you need to make her understand and keep her out of your life.

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