3 Doors Down doesn’t disappoint old fans

Edward Kearns

Edward Kearns

3 Doors Down clawed their way to the top of the rock world over the past few years. This super group has churned out hit after hit in their mainstream career and aren’t showing any signs of slowing down.

Seventeen Days, released on the Universal Records label, has the potential of turning out more than a few hits, including their latest, “Let Me Go.” Even though the album starts off with the “old school rock” sound of “Right Where I Belong,” the album falls right into the hard ballad style that has made the members of 3 Doors Down superstars.

Rock legend Bob Seger makes a special appearance to help the boys out on “Landing in London.” After the success of “Here Without You,” another “life on the road” song may make you think the band is running out of material, but this song does not disappoint. The theme may be the same, but the song is much less optimistic than its predecessor.

“Father’s Son” has a little bit harder sound and a touchy subject. The lyrics tell of a 17 year old prostitute, and the man who wants it to hurt. The truth in the lyrics is enough to send a shiver down your spine. The social value of this song is immeasurable, not to mention the sound is great.

The CD ends with a great ballad with a classic theme – love. “Here by Me” is a song that will make you want to hold that guy or girl in your life just a little bit tighter.

Nowadays, far too many artists have CDs on the shelf that only have one or two really good songs. 3 Doors Down is not one of them.