biased insert


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In last week’s Collegian (March 22nd) there was a 12 page “advertising supplement” from the Human Life Alliance inserted into the newspaper. I don’t know if anyone read this, but I hope not. I did read it, and I found that it was a pro-life piece of conservative propaganda designed to elicit an emotional response from the reader. There was nothing newsworthy about it. Now, I understand that the Collegian is a college newspaper and doesn’t hold itself to the journalistic standards of, say, the New York Times. However, the least they could do is provide an opposing viewpoint to the one the Human Life Alliance practically forces upon the reader with its 12 shiny color pages. I do not know if the Collegian was paid to carry this insert or not, but either way, in so doing, our college newspaper has adopted a political viewpoint and forced it upon us. Those working for the Collegian did not act in an objective or unbiased manner. Instead, they chose to abandon journalism completely and become disseminators of political propaganda. It does not matter what type of political philosophy they choose to espouse, conservative or liberal, I, for one, will not stand for it. I am very disappointed and I hope anyone reading this realizes how the Collegian has cheated its readers. Let’s hold our college newspaper to higher standards. Derek Meyers