232 should stay Java City


Recently there has been discussion that NFA 232 could stay as Java City, in addition to another bigger Java City opening in the new University Student Union.

Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Doug Wermedal said that NFA 232 would have to undergo some renovations in order to permanently become Java City.

But it’s worth it. The union construction relocated several dining areas, causing some inconveniences. But not for Java City. Having the coffeehouse type area in NFA made it extremely easy for students to grab a cup o’ joe or a snack in between classes.

Even though there would be a bigger Java City with a more complete menu in the union, many people would still take advantage of the NFA Java City, because time doesn’t always allow for a trip over to the union in between classes.

The NFA Java City would also allow students to get a cup coffee and avoid the union during busy times of the day.

Java City is one of the most popular dining options at SDSU. It’s one of the only dining areas whose customers go beyond those with meal plans.

It may take a little money to make Java City permanent in NFA 232, but students and faculty would appreciate it and make sure it always had business.