Fever Pitch has pieces of humorous reality

Heather Mangan

Heather Mangan

Summer is around the corner. The time for picnics with friends, lazy afternoons on the beach and baseball. And the best way to start the summer is with a good baseball movie.

Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore star in Fever Pitch, a romantic comedy about one man’s obsession with baseball.

Ben (Fallon) is a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan and has a life-long supply of season tickets that were left to him in the will of his beloved uncle. The Sox are his life and his family are the other season ticket holders.

But soon Ben meets Lindsey (Barrymore) and he must choose between the team he’s loved for 23 years or the woman of his dreams.

Why you might like it:

The main idea of the movie is a man choosing between sports and a woman, which is a common argument many couples have, although Fever Pitch takes it to an extreme. But the movie allows couples to relate to what the characters are going through, while getting a chuckle.

The film goes right along with Red Sox 2003 season, including them winning the World Series. I was extremely impressed with the little details in the movie that actually happened in real life. It’s very accurate, which makes the movie easier to get lost in.

This movie is perfect for a date because it’s a baseball movie yet a romantic movie. Some men may be leery about going to a “chick flick” but this movie is different. Sure it’s got lovey-dovey parts, but they’re toned down compared to other romantic movies.

I really enjoyed Fallon and Barry-more in this film. They have an excellent onscreen chemistry. I honestly believe the movie wouldn’t be as good if these two didn’t star in it. Using Fallon as the lead character also made the movie more believable, because he is, in real life, a huge Red Sox fan.

Why you might not like it:

The movie is corny and fairly predictable. It doesn’t require much thinking, but sometimes it’s nice to have a happy ending.

Fever Pitch is a light movie that offers a lot of laughs and some romance mixed in with a passion for America’s pastime. No other sport is captured better in cinema than baseball, and this movie is no exception. It will make you appreciate the game and those that love it.

four and a half out of five stars