Caldwell provides space

Leslie Warnke

Leslie Warnke

The new suite-style residence hall, Caldwell Hall, will be making some changes in on-campus living when it opens next fall.

Beginning next fall, sophomores with a 2.5 GPA or higher, who have no record of disciplinary action taken against them and are not on academic probation will have the option of living in the hall.

Caldwell Hall is named for Ada Caldwell, whose claim to fame was being the instructor of prestigious students such as Harvey Dunn.

Each suite will have four bedrooms, each with double occupancy. Two bedrooms will share one sink, while all four of the bedrooms will share one central bathroom with a shower and toilet. None of the bedrooms will be carpeted, although the lounges and day rooms will be.

Since Caldwell Hall will accomodate 300 residents, space won’t be as much of an issue next year.

“Students will be out of the day rooms next year,” Residential Life Director Mike Kervin said.

Caldwell is equipped with 11 handicap-accessible suites. Most of the rooms in the new hall are already full, but a few spots are saved for potential handicapped residents who haven’t registered yet.

“We’ll have all the spots filled by this fall,” said Kervin.

Changes are in place for students returning to Young Hall or Binnewies Hall next fall, as well. The two buildings in Larson Complex will receive similar renovations as most of the other residence halls have seen over the last three years. Those renovations include adding movable furniture such as desks and lofts.

The Berg and Bailey apartment complexes will also undergo resident changes next fall.

“They’ll be back to non-required student residents such as juniors and seniors who fit the requirements,” Kervin said.

#1.885106:2419354083.jpg:caldwell2.jpg:Caldwell Hall, located north of the Larson Complex, will be ready to house students by fall 2005, helping to relieve the residence hall shortage.: