Student Showcases brought back to SDSU

Jesse Batson

Jesse Batson

An amalgamation of student projects will be shown at the Performing Arts Center during the Spring 2005 Student Showcase on April 21 at 7:30 p.m.

Dormant since the early 90s, the Student Showcase was brought back last fall as a culmination of the students’ semester projects.

“It’s a ‘best of’ the semester,” Ray Peterson, assistant professor for the Department of Communication Studies and Theatre, said. “We tried it last semester for the first time.”

On the schedule for this semester’s Student Showcase is everything from acting to models to artwork. Whether it’s the runway segment of the show or a monologue, it is the students who are in charge of this show.

“The students in the advanced acting course will be directing, while the design students will be applying makeup,” Peterson said.

Adam Strickler, a student in the advanced acting course, will be giving a series of monologue pieces at the showcase.

“One of our assignments for acting class is to present a 10- minute showcase of acting work that we have and, as an alternative to doing this just in front our classmates in the class, we were offered to do it as part of the showcase,” Strickler said.

Involved in music and theatre since a child, Strickler was eager to sign up. The most interesting aspect of this performance for Strickler is the audience.

“I want to do this because it’s more rewarding when there’s more people to partake in the art that you present,” Strickler said.

Melissa Hauschild-Mork, HPER department dance specialist, has worked with the student showcase in the past. According to Hauschild-Mork, the acting, music and artwork presented at the showcase differs each semester.

“It all depends on what courses are being offered each semester,” Hauschild-Mork said. “That sort of directs the student works.”

After the success of the Student Showcase last fall, Peterson is hoping for the same results.

“People enjoy seeing what has been done over the course of the semester,” Peterson said. “It’s theatre, but it’s a different type of experience.”