The Pacifier is an odd mix but a good movie

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

Picturing an actor that is extremely buff, fights crime and gets the girl in the end isn’t very hard to do. Especially once you add the name Vin Diesel. Now try adding him in a house with a baby in his hands trying to change a diaper with a tweezers. Picture that.

That is what you will find in The Pacifier. The movie came out a couple weeks ago with Vin Diesel as the star. Picturing the stud as a caring babysitter might have hit a few heart strings of the women out there. But for the men, I’m sure they felt like the most-manly actor became not so manly. From feeding babyies, to bonding with a little girl, to running a Girl Scout meeting, Diesel does it all.

However, the audience later finds out that Diesel, although he has a softer side, still brings his own mix into the picture. By adding his own surveillance techniques in the home and personal tracking devices, Diesel is now able to keep track of the little children who just can’t seem to accept him as their new babysitter.

In the end everything works out. Diesel falls in love with a woman, falls in love with the kids and saves a few lives. What kind of movie would it be if he didn’t? However, this movie only deserves three and a half out of five stars. I felt that Diesel wasn’t the best actor in this movie. If you really pay attention, it is the children that have all the one-liners, funny sayings or do the “odd” things. But I still felt it was a good movie. It’s the kind of movie where a husband and wife could bring their kid and all of them would enjoy it. There is a little of everything in the movie for everyone.

three and a half out of five stars